BMI is the body mass index. It is a quantity that is used to measure the body mass of an individual body. It is determined concerning the weight and height of an individual. That's why its standard unit is measured as kilograms per square meter. There are some standard BMI tables of charts that categorize a body into different categories according to its weight and height. There are four categories... in which an individual BMI is classified. First is underweight. BMI under 18.5 kg/m2 comes under underweight individuals. The second is " Normal weight" which classified people between 18.5 - 24.9 kgs/M2 BMI. The third is "overweight" which comes under 24.9-29 kgs/m2 BMI of an individual body. And last but not least is the "obese" category which includes BMI above 30 kgs/m2. Everyone's BMI should come under normal weight. Everyone has a different BMI. Now it's easy to calculate your individual BMI with us. Let's calculate! Read More

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FITBONG is a fitness and healthcare community that allows people to achieve their goals. Help them with consistency and management. We are trusted by every member of our community. We accept as a fact in giving our best subsidiaries and programs to motivate people to... live a healthy life. Within 14 years, we've executed most of the programs that assist each individual in our community. People fulfill their health goals and are satisfied to be part of this big happy family. We provide twelve training programs with certified training staff guiding and assisting you in your better version or frame. Join us and recognize how you'll discover your course to a wholesome life.Read More
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Fitness & health care community. Fitbong is a community from wherein you can get fit, and a healthful frame directs you out of your comfort space. Yes! You heard it right. We are India's one of the largest communities which let you be healthy direct out of your sweet home. We promote... the health and fitness that will build from your soul. Our network is build-up with licensed trainers, certified dieticians, and motivated people who believe in us. You have a busy or anxious schedule, or you are a housewife, or there is no nearby fitness center outside of your residence, or you can not manage to pay for the gym's high fees. Don't worry! We have the best solution to all the problems stopping you to becomes fit, and that is "FITBONG". There is no need to fear an approximately heavy workout, you simply have to give your 15-20 minutes regularly and then get the applicable results. Join us, and be a part of India's fastest-developing community of health and fitness. Start your journey with the most trusted partner - FITBONG, a fitness, and healthcare community. Read More

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